Now Featuring- High Pressure Fluid Pumps

Trio Pump Down Services Speculation

Our operators understand the importance of precise results.
Our team of experienced/trained professionals will provide you excellent service, their knowledge of the pump down process will add value to each and every project.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or concerns, on any of your upcoming projects.

• Toe Prep
• Coil Tubing Assistance
• Wireline
• Work over
• Frac protect
• D Fit
• Acid Redemption

Pump Down Specs
• 2500HP
• SPM Quintuplex 15K
• Allison 9820 Transmission
• Mobil Data Technology
• Rates as low as 1.5 BPM
• Mounted Boost Pump
• Full Monitoring And Data Recording Capability’s Available
• Certified 1502 2” & 3” iron

Quintuplex fluid pumps with single 2500Hp pump aboard each unit
These units are capable of handling up to 12,500 psi and moving 1.5-20 BPM
through 4 1\2” plungers

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