Oilfield Equipment Rentals

Oilfield Equipment Rentals
Offering the following tools and services:
High Pressure Fluid Pump/Pump down units – 2500Hp Single pump units
10k High Pressure/High Volume Bobtail Pump Truck
Hot Oil Truck
3.5 Power Swivel Trailer
Swab Rig
10K Test Pump Units w/ Hydraulic Wrenches
Flowback Manifold (Manned or Unmanned)
200bbl Open Top Cuttings Tanks-with or without Gas Busters
200bbl Open Top Production Skid Tanks
70 bbl Open Top Trailer Mounted Tanks
25 bbl Open Top Swab Tank
Cement Blocks (anchoring blocks 4’x4’x4′)
Adapter Spools
Spacer Spools
Gate Valves
TIW Valves
1000 Gallon Fuel Trailers
Pipe Racks
Diesel Steam Cleaners
We have Light Towers & Cooling Trailers Currently AVAILABLE For Sale! Contact us today!